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Not just any kiss, but a passionate kiss full of desire and need. Slowly kiss your lips soft and smooth as my fingers caress the silky hair. The excitement and electricity in the air increases as our tongues begin to discover and explore each other's hot wet mouth. Our tongues caressing and tasting like two lovers in a sensual embrace. How I can go tickle and tease the gum line slowly moving his hands towards the shoulders, tracing invisible lines of desire and in the back. You are wearing a backless dress and realitykings my hands roam freely over bare skin. fingertips gently caressing, touching almost as soft as a cool breeze moving through his flesh. Ah, the skin ( so soft, so firm, so pale as the realitykings driven snow ) showers with my touch. His hands move to my chest as his mouth, continue to get realitykings better acquainted. Slowly lower your hands roam inch its way into my manhood. My lips leave the sweet embrace of the mouth long enough for me to whisper or 'however, my love. This night is going to be joy. ' realitykings I kiss on the lips while my hands caressed his neck slowly, gently drawing lines on the breasts. My lips begin to kiss softly on the cheek the way to the ear when I chew and begin to whisper sweet kiss on the ear . my fingers are slightly above the gentle waves of the breasts flexible moving quietly moaning. squeeze gently and pat my hand through the thin fabric of her dress. you realitykings wear a bra and the nipples are fully erect and excited sweet . when I kiss my way to lick and suck on his neck, like the dress undone and moved from the shoulders are narrow. goes down around the ankles, with barely a whisper. I kiss and lick more and more until I I'm in between your breasts sweet, tight, teasing and rubbing my fingers pink erect nipples. zart pinch me in my hands, rub gently. I gently licked the top of them, while the massage tendsthe breasts. My hands slide slowly down her body, such as hills suck and kiss your sweet sound. My hands have the neck white cotton panties panties and I found the edges of the track slowly with my hands, never move at its best always remain on top. Her moans grew louder and you have to touch her ​​breasts began. 'Please. ' If all you whisper in my ear. I can move my hand gently between your thighs silk. I can feel the warmth realitykings and moisture of her pussy and it drives me crazy. The sweet smell of melting has begun to fill the space. My hand moves slowly forward and backward stroking and rubbing the tender lips through the thin white cotton. The time has come. I'll put it back on the bed and started to lick my way from the ankles to the thighs to kiss and tease stopping every few inches. Now he is moaning in ecstasy, as my hands tease her breasts. I kiss my way between her thighs and gently, slowly making the right to kiss her sweet panty coVered pussy. Then peel the hip pants wet, licking and sucking on her thighs all the time. ending their underwear that you can clearly see fresh moisture that shines like a flower blossom with dew. They have their lips, some began to open up a little for me to see pink inside. Oh, how sweet vision. To enhance their groaning softly to start licking their lips lips with the tip of the tongue. ' Oh, yes. ' If you just hear you saying between gasps of pleasure. Now that I have so gently to realitykings one of your sweet inner lips and sucking mouth with tender care. I in each of your sweet lips and realitykings sucking for 15 minutes. Then take off guard my tongue hard drive in your dripping pussy, savoring the sweetness licks everything, so you can find. His cry of joy and surprise, asked me not to stop. always licks my lips and the sweetness of his internal organs of her femininity, and licked mand lips. Now I gently remove the swollen bud of her clitoris and lick slowly in small circles. I begin to move slowly and then faster and faster. She screamed in ecstasy while pressing her nipples and pull you closer to the shore. Just before you are about to orgasm I suck her clit into my mouth and start to kill it with my tongue. This is too much to burst white horse comes charging over the hill and in a shocking climax. How is slowly and gently with her sweet nectar to lick her pussy and thighs. Suck and kiss me gently, like a butterfly drinking dew rose petal. If you speak with your beautiful eyes and whisper ' That was awesome, baby. ' crawl realitykings with a mischievous look in his eyes at me in bed and get to the crotch of my jeans. ' Now it's ' s time for real fun. 'You say with a smirk. ?.............. The realitykings end for now.
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